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New cases on Drop Gun are giving random skins

Discussion in 'CS:GO' started by Ladona, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Ladona

    Ladona New Member

    Jul 19, 2017
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    I have made few dropps on Drop Gun recently. . . I made some opening on Dropgun and then did not visit it for some time! Lately I have got to know that opencsgo. com is the title sponsor of Gambit team. I'm convinced that the web-service that sponsors a team is better than noname one. After that news I've looked at Opencsgo from another point of view. . .

    After all these news I decided to spin there some boxes!. . So I logined the store and saw there were boxes in new design! New cases seemed to give great openings) Thus, I have deposited some cash and began to select my own box!. . Usually I buy high cost and not cheap boxes because of higher chances of nice drop) I'm trying not to buy cheap boxes because of bad drop. . .

    I decided to buy Gunmaniac offer:) The store tells about random drop from cases) And I was near to learn if it were true) First dropps offred me cool believe. 3 of 5 first spins were profitable. After these dropps I've caught ?StatTrakā„¢ M9 Bayonet Lore:) After about 10 more low cost skins I have got AK-47 Fire serpent minimal wear! After that I made 10 more dropps but there were nothing really good. Now, let's count, I made a deposite with $100 and made about 20 bad spins. . . The bad drops took about 80$ from me:) And earned near $300 with two great spins! 200$ was my earning and I can sell that items or change them)

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