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Lore skin I win herein

Discussion in 'CS:GO' started by Ladona, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Ladona

    Ladona New Member

    Jul 19, 2017
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    These days I was playing CS:GOnot too much! My real passion during last days became skins!.. I will tell U I see a real rush for skins has started last months... I had some nice models and I decided to sell them and to find many same models! I win already on OpenCSGO incoming a couple of time:)

    And opencsgo.com made me happy with the top profit ever. A couple of days ago I decided to opening there and I earn two Lores... From the FB ad I've read out that there are case with many Lores items was made and one more Lore item is added to each box) And I filled my account with 100 USD. Thereafter I begun to look for my own magic offer...

    I was spining near 20 boxes and had NOTHING!.. I start to be nervous! Thereafter I've chosen one case only to purchase!.. After few dropps I win Flip knife Lore from Ultraviolet case) After that I began to spin Catch Lore case. That day it was my first great win) I start to be nervous again:) First ten buying were either bad with low cost yellow skins! After that I was blessed and made one more opening and caught my Lore StatTrakā„¢ M9 Bayonet! Now this case spining made me rich with 2 Lores knives! I could sell them... write!..

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