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CSGO Models brought me about 500 USD

Discussion in 'CS:GO' started by Mamoka, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. Mamoka

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    Jul 17, 2017
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    [​IMG] That day I was playing CSGO and sitting at home! I have some nice models for guns and knives and use them during the game. The whole day I played CSGO)In the night I decided to watch Game of Thrones but before that I used to check my facebook page! Ant there I saw that service) I like this site and earn few times there nice skins.

    There was saying that I will earn $50 more for any knife I would get!..I crossed the link and went to the web-site and saw there the banner about 50$ for any dropped knife) I filled my balance with $ 100 and decided to spin the box with knives... I thought I'll earn gaining any way with 50 $ for the knife!.. The first spin was falchion dagger forest ddpat in battle scarred quality:) 40 USD is the price of that dagger and the gaining is almost 100 $ because of those 50 $:) It was the top start ever!.. The next time I caught Gut Knife Damascus Steel Well-Worn for $ 50.
    In such a way I used to earn 100 $... I opened this offer again and again and caught special knives for the price about 40$ and every time I earn $50 Bonus. Slowly but steadily I take on near 400$ with that box.After near 15 opening I was happy as never recently and than a miracle came:) The spin was Karambit Case Hardened Minimal Wear for 300 $ and additional 50 USD. That day I earned more than 500 $:) I would earn even more but here were problems with web store I think because of great traffic... With that ad and Opencsgo I earn really rich...Right now I will try to earn more!..

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